education fair 2020

this year, we particularly stand out because of our self-made “popcorn wheel jet”. this was completely designed, constructed and assembled by us trainees. after a few „internal test runs“, we were very proud to be able to present it at the education fair.

in addition to the popcorn highlight, we were able to incorporate our ideas into the education fair planning and stand design. for example, this year's lottery completely was offered entirely digitally by using ipads. there was a “go pro” to be won - which also attracted many hesitant students to our stand. our „classic“ on the education fair, the “hot wire”, was also at the start. our technical trainees gave it an upgrade and so the version 2.0 was a great eye-catcher with new led technology.

of course, our “product all-rounder”, the trail jet 125 2500 bar stage 5, could not be missing. with this setup, the students at our stand were able to be inspired by our products and falch as an employer and at the same time learn everything about the apprenticeship / dual study at falch.
our new training brochure was also very well received. because this gives a really great insight into the falch world and the possibilities we offer. and best of all - we have trainees and falch students depicted on all the pictures in the brochure :-) that's authentic.

with the starting signal of the education fair, we trainees have the opportunity to involve you more on social media. on instagram you can follow the insights of projects and our daily life at falch.

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whether the fair was successful? we are absolutely convinced! we are all looking forward to the next education fair in 2022.

your falch trainees