adventuresomeness at the trainee excursion 2019

according to the motto "adventuresomeness" we went with our 29 trainees and students to laichingen for climbing activities and to the gokart arena in neu-ulm.

under such extreme situations our newcomers had the perfect opportunity to get in touch with the other trainees and also the trainers.

arrived at the climbing forest, everyone put the safety belts on and after a short safety instruction everyone were ready to start. in small groups everyone could climb the path they wanted to climb. some started with an easier parcours, some just went for the most difficult path right away.

but one thing was sure - there was a parcours for everyone. the weather was quite good, so it was possible to arrage a nice picnic under the open sky.

after an exciting morning we went on to the next highlight.


we went to the gokart arena in neu-ulm. after a warm welcome and another safety instruktion the qualifying started directly. after 3 races, many sweaty rounds and some risky overtaking manoeuvres later, the well-deserved winners were determined.

at the q-muh restaurant in ulm we let the evening fade away. the food was great, the atmosphere was great and the conversations became more and more personal.

a successful day came to an end.

just perfekt - just like every year!