my name is max...

max, dual student


dual student in bachelor of science

(business information systems)

my motto:


i chose this training profession, because ...

... i had previously chosen the it branch at the technical high school and the combination of it and economics is pretty exciting.

falch is unique to me because ...

... every employee is important and you get responsibilities right from the beginning. the colleagues are helping each other, also getting into the team.

i had to get used to ...

... the flat hierarchy and that we call each other by the first name. that makes it more comfortable to deal with each other and it creates a pleasant woking environmen.

my greatest experience during my training was ...

…that i quickly had my own project and was able to implement it successfully.

after my graduation i would like to ...

... perhaps studying beside working.

my favorite word in swabian is ...spitzbua... and means:

... cheeky monkey / rascal.


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