year-end celebration under the motto "christmas market"

falch christmas market


with nicely decorated market stands, the sports hall in seissen turned into a super cozy, small and private christmas market this year.


each stand had its own specialties - there was something for every taste. in addition to typical christmas market dishes, such as krautschupf noodles or dumplings in mushroom cream sauce, there was also parmesan spaghetti, roasted goose and salmon - everything your heart desires.


but above all, the colleagues dived for the dessert buffet - chocolate fruits from a chocolate fountain, fresh waffles and crêpes.


as always, the highlight of the celebration was the honor of our jubilees.


we are very proud to to congratulate 7 employees to their 10th anniversary and 5 employees to their 20th anniversary this year. it is simply great to have longstanding employees on board, who are passionate about their contribution to the company's success. #thankyou #weareoneteam


we celebrated this team spirit extensively with all employees from germany and abroad with their partners.


2019  was a  very dynamic and busy - but also a very successful year for falch. the course has been set to remain on track for 2020.


we're looking forward to it!