world cup summer party

at this year's summer party, all employees and their families were in absolute soccer mood.

on friday afternoon, as the start of the weekend, the barbecue was fired on. with delicious salads, cool drinks, a cocktail bar and a big dessert and cake buffet it was taken care of everything.

under the motto "world cup 2018", all games were showed live on a screen. in addition, our "professional soccer player" could prove their skills at a goal wall shoot competition.

goal king david scored 200 points and won the main price, a world cup  picnic football cooler bag and a sixpack of beer.

also a lot was offered to our little guests. from the mini-construction-vehicle-course to the special football bouncy castle.

despite the windy weather (always a bit rougher on the swabian alb), the summer party was well attended and it was great to celebrate with all colleagues.

thanks to all helping hands.

we are looking forward to the next celebration.

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