we say "welcome to falch" !

we say "welcome to falch"!

at the beginning of september 2018, nine new apprentices and dual students successfully started their careers in seven different training professions.

the first week was packed with fun, games and excitement. in addition to many new information and the clarification of organizational issues, our newcomers were able to get to know our ceo achim falch personally and to fire questions at him.

during the company rally, initial contacts were made with falch employees and within the training "facination water jetting", apprentices and students were given the opportunity to try falch products and applications live.

the week ended action-packed with a trip with all “old and new” falch trainees and students.

playing lasertag made us sweat and we could exhaust ourselves. in the barfüßer restaurant in neu-ulm, everyone was able to fortify themselves and round off the evening with a delicious dinner in a good atmosphere.

it was a great week and we look forward to a successful training period with our motivated newcomer!