open door day at falch

we opened the doors of our new innovation and development center in blaubeuren-seissen.

almost 700 visitors took the chance to get excited by the variety of water jetting and the innovative falch solutions this weekend.

we offered interesting insights into the current test run of a prototype, a 250 kw trail jet. our climb rob 125, a magneto robot with remote control was also demonstrated.

in addition to various application videos, falch employees were available for any kind of question. our falch family booth, where we informed about falch as an employer, also caught a lot of attention.

many visitors also took the opportunity to get their free copy of the unique "fly or die" fly swatter.

snacks and drinks were offered for free. we only asked for a small donation and were very happy about ca. 600 euros we could raise. the full amount has been donated to the education association for children in seissen e.v. thanks a lot for this!

our special thanks goes to all helpers of the falch team, who made such an event happen.

our balance sheet after the weekend -

a successful event that brought many people closer to the world of water jetting.