apprentice on tour 2017

at the beginning of september our annual apprentice trip took place with all new and "old" apprentices.

after a short outdoor photo session, the great secret about our destination was finally revealed:

"a canoe tour on the danube from erbach to wiblingen"

we prepared ourselves with a lunch package from the albernte and then went in a autocade to erbach, where the some of us were already hungry and raided their lunch package.

then all the canoes were unloaded. after a short safety instruction, we could start. boat for boat we went to the danube, hoping that we would not go swimming in the cold wet. :-)

after initial difficulties, we paddled in groups of 3, 4 and 5. we competed against each other in several races, whereby "almost" everybody managed to get dry again to the mainland. great luck!

of course, after such a ride, we were all hungry and finally we went to the inn in butzental. there, we could enjoy everything from tarte flambee, cheese spaetzle to a juicy roast beef. there was a lively atmosphere and it was a felicitous trip to get to know each other better and make friends.