my name is lasse...

lasse, trainee


trainee mechatronic engineer

my motto:

„the show must go on“

i chose this training profession, because...

...i want to understand the technology of the machines and i’m interested in the manufacturing and the installation of them. my goal is to do these things on my own someday.

falch is unique to me because...

…you get respected as a trainee and you get your own area of responsibility. and because you get treated like a “normal” employee.

i had to get used to...

...get up early and that i can’t leave the house on foot no more.

my greatest experience during my training was... and test a crawl rob.

after my graduation i would like to...

…work as normal employee at falch and maybe go to study after a while.

my favorite word in swabian is …romgwaldiera… and means:

…if you work with much power and less attention.


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